Cosplay Information

Props Policy – 

All props resembling weapons must be inspected, “Peace Tied,” and approved by Fan Dak Con staff or security, prior to being carried or displayed in public areas. If you are found wondering the event, without having your prop weapon peace tied, you will be found to be in violation of the Props Policy. You will be asked to take the prop weapon which is in violation of the policy, back to your hotel room, or vehicle. If there are continued violations with the same prop weapon, the prop weapon will be confiscated and you may be ejected from the convention.

There will be no un-holstered prop weapons allowed at the venue, during the Cosplay Contest, or any other time. All Fan Dak Con attendees are expected to show the same respect to NSU employees, as well as Fan Dak Con staff and security, if asked to put a prop in your vehicle or room. All projectile weapons are prohibited. Prop guns will be permitted, pending inspection by Fan Dak Con staff or security, only if they meet the following criteria:

  • They have no clips or moving parts
  • They have a non-removable orange safety tip
  • Remain Peace Tied at all times

No live steel (edged metal weapons) will be permitted at the convention, nor on the NSU campus. Bladed replica weapons must be made of a non-metal, non-sharp material, must be no more than 72 inches in length, and must be approved by Fan Dak Con staff or security.

Carrying a non-compliant weapon in convention areas is prohibited, the weapon will be confiscated and held by Fan Dak Con security until the end of the convention.


Photography –

  • If you wish to take a photo, please ask fellow cosplayers, and other convention attendees first.
  • Do not block hallways or public areas while taking photos. If you are taking a photo, please move to one side of the hallway against a wall, or move to another area.
  • There will be a photo booth at the event, and Fan Dak Con encourages you to take your photographs in that area.


Costume Coverage Policy –

  • Costumes must be suitable for all audiences, as Fan Dak Con is an all-ages convention. Laws of public decency apply —If you aren’t sure what you are planning on wearing is appropriate, pick something else to wear.
  • Body paint is not considered a costume, and will not be permissible.
  • No nudity or adult-themed props are permitted.
  • Appropriate footwear is required to be worn at all times in the convention area. If your costume calls for bare feet, you may wear flip-flops, ballet slippers, or other dance foot wear, but the soles of your feet should not come in contact with the floor.
  • Inline skates, roller skates, Togo skates, and sneaker skates are not to be worn or used in the convention area.
  • Fake blood that can smeared, squirted, dripped, sprayed or be otherwise transferred to another person or surface in Fan Dak Con, or any other area of the Student Center is prohibited. This includes any type of dye, food coloring, or makeup.
  • Body makeup that easily smears or transfers to any person or property cannot not be worn. Any makeup worn must be properly sealed, and set in order to prevent the transfer of makeup to other persons or surfaces does not occur. Fan Dak Con staff and security, reserves the right to spot test for proper setting of blood and/or makeup.
  • You must have a clear line of sight, this includes peripheral vision. If you are only able to see through a tiny eye slot, it would not constitute a clear line of sight. If this is unavoidable, you must have a handler, or guide at all times while in cosplay. Another cosplayer with a full or partial masks or cosplay heads, do not qualify as a handler, or guide.
  • Fan Dak Con staff reserves the right to make final judgment calls on what is “decent”. If staff feels that your costume is indecent or inappropriate in any way, you will be asked to change or cover it.


Personal Interaction Policy –

  • Do not touch another person, or their costume, without permission. Uninvited touching or grabbing will not be tolerated. Repeat violators will be ejected from the convention.
  • Be respectful of others. No harassment, catcalling, verbal abuse or stalking will be tolerated.
  • Fan Dak Con is intended to be a safe space for all attendees, guests, and staff to come together and share. If you feel you are being harassed by any attendee, staff, guest, or member of the general public, please contact Security or convention staff and provide them with a description of the incident as well as the person, including what they are wearing and the area it happened in. Do not engage in retaliation or in any way escalate the event.
  • It is prohibited to lead another person(s) around with leashes, handcuffs, chains, ropes, etcetera.