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History through Steampunk

Are you curious about Steampunk? Join Tyler, and Adrienne as they discuss Starting with Steampunk: Creative Takes on history, and why they are relevant.

Tyler Hentschel
Tyler Hentschel
Adrienne Hentschel








Tyler, and Adrienne Hentschel play music under the name Insomniac Folklore, along with a rotating cast of friends and family. Described as a band of lovable hooligans. The band makes frequent stops at used book stores across the country. If you want them to keep an eye out for any particular title, you should let them know. Otherwise Tyler will continue to traffic in obscure science fiction and old video games.

For more information on Insomniac Folklore, check out their website –   http://insomniacfolklore.com


Do you have a book you would like to get publish? Are you curious if self-publishing is the right choice for you? Tom and Bobbi will share their experiences in self-publishing, going over some pros and cons they found with self-publishing. Their discussion will give you some insight, and help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Tom Schinderling
Tom Schinderling has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double specialization in Fine Art, and Multi-Media graphic design from NSU. He uses a wide variety of media to tell fantastical stories; from paintings and sculptures, to short films and animations.
Bobbi Piasecki
Bobbi Piasecki studied English with a specialization in Desktop Publishing at NSU. Passionate about writing and photography, combined with the experience of working for a publishing company, she started her own publishing and art business.


How to create and grow a community on YouTube/Twitch. Bryce will assist creators who are struggling to find viewership on their YouTube and Twitch channels, with a focus on networking with other creators.

Bryce Mills
Bryce Mills is a content creator, and founder of Last Geek, and Last Geek Plays; YouTube Gaming and Twitch Affiliate channels.