Featured Guests

 Tom Nguyen


Tom Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American visual artist who began his professional career freelancing for comic book publishers such as DC Comics and Marvel Comics from the age of 19.  Building his name as an inker, he has worked on major titles such as BatmanGreen LanternJLA, and Superman: The Man of Steel among others.

Tom has since quickly branched out into other areas professionally, such as pencilling, painting, and authoring two instructional books on comic book art.  In addition, Tom has added photography to his resume in recent years with his commercial work for catalogs and portraits of glamour and fitness models.

Along with writer/artist Keith Champagne, Tom is the co-creator of the successful Kickstarter hit comic book, The Switch.

In his spare time, Tom teaches art via his online workshop Art Samurai, runs photography lighting workshops, lifts weights, and plans his next areas of travel.


Rachael Messer

Rachael Messer- Headshot.2

Rachael has studied voice work, voice acting, and stage work in college. She graduated with a  B.F.A in Theatre Performance.  She has been in video games on Xbox, Wii U, Play Station 4, Computer, Steam, and more.          

Rachael has voice acted in numerous animes, cartoons, video games, radio plays, and commercials. She voices Sistine in the FUNimation anime “Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor” , Manami in “A Centaurs Life” , Selstina in “Knights and Magic”, “Velved” in Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond, “Rebecca Scarlet” in Black Clover. She has also been in Fairy Tail, One Piece,Clockwork Planet, 7 Mortal Sins, Sankarea, Red Data Girl, Date A Live, and more. 

She has voiced over 100 different video game characters. Some her roles include Comba in “Warframe”, “Rebecca Lansing” in System Shock, “Moji”,  “Infernal Seris” and “Dire Wolf Tyra”in Paladins, “Teacher” in Yandere Simulator, Arachnae, Shadow of Sol, Kraqueen and Cirque Du Silhoette in “Heroes of Newerth”, Wakfu Raiders, Astra in the Xbox game “Wormhole City” ,  and over 100 different other games.